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~ Jane Austen

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Some shipping info for sellers!

I hope your week has been a good one so far.
Please include the families effected by
the tornadoes last night in your prayers.

I have some shipping information I
wanted to share with you this evening.
Last week I purchased some goodies
from several Etsy sellers.  One
package arrived today with
postage due of $4.79.  The seller
used a priority mail box, wrapped
in brown mailing paper. The  post office tore the
edge of the package/paper.  This
is what was stamped on the package twice
 "priority boxes can only be used for priority
shipments this parcel needs to be
repacked and repriced".  Just some
info I wanted to share with sellers on
Etsy and eBay.

Here are some scans of my personal
vintage Easter postcard collection.

Hope you have a wonderful day
on Thursday!



Theresa said...

I have used those Priority boxes but only as priority shipping! Good to know that they are checking!

Cute cards, thanks for sharing! BIG HUGS!

Shirley said...

Hi Sharon, Thanks for the information. I always make sure I put the right amount of postage on my packages because I don't want my customers to have to pay postage. I like your Easter cards. It will be here before we are ready. Have a great day. Your Missouri Friend.

Diane Mars said...

Oh yes thats a no no... ox

GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

I think the PO shouldn't have done that! I've wrapped boxes that way and still send them 1st class and just pay what the cost really is..
good to know!
Nice Easter postcards!
Take care.